Auckland Philharmonia & Whoa!

During the lockdown Auckland Philharmonia musicians were busy practising their music at home. They got a video call from Custard or Buzz from Whoa! Studios who wanted to find out more about their instruments and the orchestra.

  • How does a violin make a sound?
  • What’s the difference between a clarinet and an oboe?
  • Why is the French horn so curly??

Episode 1 - Meet the Double Bass

Buzz chats to Bella Zilber to learn all about the double bass. Is it heavy? How low can it go? What is their job in the orchestra? Featuring a surprise guest at the end!
Download Double Bass Activity Sheet

Episode 2 - Meet the French Horn

Custard chats to David Kay, Auckland Philharmonia French horn player, to learn all about the instrument and playing in an orchestra.
Download French Horn Activity Sheet

Episode 3 - Meet the Violin

Buzz chats to Jess Hindin, Violinist & Music Director of Sistema Aotearoa, to learn all about the violin.
Download Violin Activity Sheet

Episode 4 - Meet the Clarinet

Custard chats to Jonathan Cohen, Auckland Philharmonia Principal Clarinet, to learn all about the instrument.
Download Clarinet Activity Sheet

Episode 5 - Meet the Oboe

Buzz chats to Camille Wells, Auckland Philharmonia Associate Principal Oboe, to learn all about the instrument.
Download Oboe Activity Sheet

Episode 6 - Meet the Marimba

Custard chats to Eric Renick, Auckland Philharmonia Principal Percussion, to learn all about the marimba.
Download Marimba Activity Sheet

Episode 7 - Meet the Trumpet

Buzz chats to Huw Dann, Auckland Philharmonia Principal Trumpet, to learn all about the instrument.
Download Trumpet Activity Sheet
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