Subscription Packages

Auckland Philharmonia subscriber packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.



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Five Reasons To Subscribe

  • Best Seats- Priority seat slection. Full series subscribers can retain their favourite seats
  • Best Prices- Save 10-25% off public ticket prices
  • No Booking Fees- Even for additional concerts, booked through Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing
  • Ticket Exchange- Flexible ticket exchange to another concert if your plans change
  • Flexible Payments- Buy now, pay later in two or four easy instalments

Full Series Subscription

Select a series and enjoy the benefits of being a full series subscriber. You can also add on further concerts from elsewhere in our programme at any time. It’s easy!

All full series subscribers receive a complimentary programme book, priority booking and you are guaranteed your seats in the subsequent year. If you were already a full series subscriber you can retain your chosen seats for the next year or can request new seats.

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12 concerts of familiar favourites, bold masterworks and exciting surprises.

Book all 12 concerts of this series and receive up to 25% off public ticket prices.

Book NZ Herald Premier Series

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Book all of the Great Classics and receive up to 15% off public ticket prices

Book Bayleys Great Classics

Ap Hero 1000x300 Dec23 B&b 2

This eclectic concert series celebrates the masters of the Baroque era. Experience this music performed alongside more modern works inspired by the period.

Book Baroque & Beyond

Choose Your Own (CYO) Subscription

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Create a flexible Choose Your Own (CYO) package where you pick and choose concerts from across the year. This is the ultimate package for busy people who want to enjoy the orchestra on their terms. You can start a CYO subscription by booking just four tickets to one or more concerts in our season.

You can then add tickets for additional concerts at CYO subscriber prices during the year, whenever you wish. Where CYO prices are available, you’ll save at least 10% off public ticket prices and receive priority seat selection until public ticket sales open on Thursday 25 January 2024.


Book your own Auckland Philharmonia concert series here

Community & Family Concerts

Ap Hero 1000x300 Dec23 Iyn Tunes4tamariki

The Auckland Philharmonia also offers a selection of lower-priced concerts for the whole Auckland community. This includes our popular In Your Neighbourhood concerts and family favourite Tunes 4 Tamariki. These can be booked on their own or added to your Full Series or CYO subscription.

Have a look at our Community & Family concerts here!
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Please note: In Your Neighbourhood, Baroque & Beyond and Tunes 4 Tamariki concerts are not available via Ticketmaster.
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