Phonak brings music to your ears

APO sponsor Phonak has developed a series of videos which simulate the experience of hearing loss at an APO concert. listen to the recordings below to hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at different levels of hearing loss.

Phonak is looking for people to participate in a 10-day trial which would allow them to experience state-of-the-art hearing aids in the APO concert environment. As part of the trial, participants would be tested for hearing loss, and if detected, fitted with Audéo B-R, Phonak’s new rechargeable hearing aid which allows users to enjoy 24 hours of hearing with one charge, and technology which accurately classifies and adapts to different listening situations automatically. In addition, participants would receive two tickets to an APO concert, to experience the full dynamic range of the hearing aid.

Phonak’s trial is a no-obligation offer. Email  for more information about this trial. Suitable candidates will then be connected with their local clinics for further testing.

Mild Hearing Loss

Moderate Hearing Loss

Moderate/Severe Hearing Loss

Severe Hearing Loss

Normal Hearing

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