David Kay's top five movie soundtracks

APO Horn David Kay can't wait for Community Classics: APO at the Movies! To celebrate, he's listing his five favourite movie soundtracks.

1. Star Wars (1977)

There is no escaping the genius of John Williams; in fact he deserves his own top 50! However to lump it into one segment, 10 hours of John Williams Star Wars will do quite nicely. Check it out here in the next lock down.

2. Titanic (1997)

This movie was released right around my formative years, and it stuck. A great score from Howard Shore, and of course the interminable Celine Dion with 'My Heart Will Go On'.

3. Lion King (1994)

Hans Zimmer also deserves his own top 10, if not top 50, however one of his earlier film scores was for the instrumental music for the Lion King in 1994. Alongside Elton John and Tim Rice it marks the beginning of what has become a string of major awards for this powerhouse film composer.

4. The Mission (Gabriel’s Oboe) (1986)

After the death of Ennio Morricone this year, it is only fair to recognise his powerful output of work in film composing. In my mind his greatest, and perhaps most moving is Gabriel’s Oboe, found here with Morricone also at the helm.

5. James Bond Collection (1963-)

One of the most recognisable theme tunes across movie history is the original James Bond theme. Somewhat disputed as to the original creator of the theme itself (Monty Norman has been credited with this) John Barry then wrote the score for 11 Bond films from 1963 to 1987 capturing the essence of Bond in music.

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