Auckland Philharmonia Festive Selections

We’ve asked some of our Auckland Philharmonia whānau to share their favourite festive tunes and why they can’t get into the yuletide spirit until they hear these tracks.

Music Director - Giordano Bellincampi

Gb 540x540

Early Christmas morning I always listen to this specific recording of the opening chorus form J.S. Bach Christmas Oratorio, 'Cantata for Christmas Day'. This has always annoyed my kids because they wake up to the music, but it has helped me remind them what Christmas actually is about!

New Years Day I always listen to the Wiener Philharmoniker New Year’s concert live from Musikverein, which always ends with Radetzky March. And as soon as the March is over I call my Mamma in Italy and we discuss the interpretation by the conductor and wish each other Happy New Year before we eat our traditional New Year portion of Lenticchie con Cotechino (a traditional Italian lentil dish with pork meat).

Chief Executive - Diana Weir

Dw 540x40

Tom Jackson is an Indigenous Canadian singer from the One Arrow Reserve whose deep -bass-baritone voice is a fixture of my childhood. He released a series of well-loved Christmas albums and nostalgia really sets in for me when I hear him singing haunting favourites like the 'Huron Carol', along with less familiar folk songs from Indigenous traditions.

Sub Principal Percussion - Jennifer Raven

Jr 540x540

My favourite piece of festive music is probably Troika from Lieutenant Kije, Prokofiev. I have been playing it since my early teens in several different forms (brass band, windband, jazzband & orchestral) I love the sleighbells part and its feeling of a snowy Christmas scene.

Projects Executive – Education - Gemma Henderson

Gh 450x450

If you know me, you’ll know I love Christmas music. I love the traditional stuff, but I think people underestimate the modern Christmas tune, so for that reason I have chosen Christmas in L.A. by the American funk band Vulfpeck! This is a song written and performed by musicians who are masters at their craft, and if this song comes up on shuffle any time of the year I’m leaving it on because it’s just that good. Enjoy!

Principal Bassoon - Ingrid Hagan

Ih 450x450

My favourite festive song is 'It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas' by Michael Buble. His whole Christmas album is such a guilty pleasure of mine, and it’s always the first album I put on when decorating my tree.

Senior Artistic Administrator - Carolina Borges

Cb 450x450

Simone is one of the best singers of the genre MPB (Brazilian Jazz) and in 1995 she decided to record a Christmas album. Since then, the Portuguese version of 'War is Over' has been played everywhere in the country. When I listen, what comes to my mind is the shops playing the album over and over again and decorated with fake snow and polar bears in a summer of 40 degrees. Everything about this album is cringe but I love it!

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