Exclusive Subscriber Benefits

Being an Auckland Philharmonia subscriber means that you save on public ticket prices and also receive a range of other benefits including:

  • Priority seat selection and the ability to retain your favourite seats for full series subscribers
  • Flexibility to exchange tickets to another concert if your plans change
  • No booking fees – even for additional concerts, when you book through Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing
  • The ability to buy now, pay later in two or four easy instalments
  • Discounted tickets to any additional concerts you purchase throughout the year
  • Free lost ticket replacement.
  • Exclusive access to members-only website Henry & Paul, where you can discover your favourite wines, champagnes and spirits delivered direct to your door along with a host of other unique content thanks to our friends at Church Road
  • 10% off sheet music and accessories from KBB Music
  • 15% off shirts with Nicholas Jermyn
  • 15% off Velo and Organico Coffee thanks to our friends at Karajoz.
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Please note: In Your Neighbourhood, Baroque & Beyond and Tunes 4 Tamariki concerts are not available via Ticketmaster.
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