Philharmonia GO - FAQs

If you are a student or between the age of 16 and 30 years (born 1994 or later) you can sign up and reap the benefits of being a member.

A Philharmonia GO membership costs $5 (annual).
Members can then take advantage of $10 tickets for Auckland Philharmonia mainstage concerts in the Bayleys Great Classics, Baroque & Beyond and the The New Zealand Herald Premier Series.

If you are between 16-30 years or a student, you purchase a membership online, by phone, or in person from Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing. Join Philharmonia Go here!
Once purchased, you’ll need to collect your membership card in person from either APO Ticketing or from the Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing desk when you next attend an Auckland Philharmonia concert. You will need to provide a proof of age photo ID or student card when you pick up your membership.

Members can purchase tickets online, by phone, or in person up until 5pm the day before the concert.
There are limited available Philharmonia GO tickets for each concert.
The Auckland Philharmonia also releases Philharmonia GO tickets on a rolling basis. Please make sure you include your email address when purchasing your membership so we can notify you when tickets for more concerts have been released.
Sales are final and non-transferable.

Membership prices cannot be applied to multiple tickets, unless the other ticket holders are also membership holders.

Philharmonia GO tickets will be released in batches during the year: January, April, June, and August.

Regardless of how the tickets are purchased, your tickets will always have to be picked up at the Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing desk on the night of the concert. You will be required to show your membership card and a proof-of-age ID (drivers licence, passport, international student identity card) or student card.

Your membership is valid for the duration of the Auckland Philharmonia season in which it is purchased.
(e.g. 2024 Season: Feb – Dec 2024).

In addition to our main concert offers, other events (e.g. backstage tours), competitions, or special concert deals may be available.

You can renew your membership online, by phone, or in person from Auckland Philharmonia Ticketing at the beginning of every season.

No. You will keep the same membership card that was issued to you when you first became a member.

You will need to re-purchase the card for $5.

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